The Team

Somchit Phankam

Somchit, who manages Panyanivej Farm, has a degree in Holistic Education from the Asomsilp Institution Institute of the Arts in Bangkok, Thailand. While working at PADETC, she specialised in promoting Education for Sustainable Development in Laos. She is developing Panyanivej Farm into a learning lab where young people can grow to appreciate the value of agriculture and the wisdom of local farming knowledge. At Panyanivej, Somchit specialises in facilitating hands-on workshops for agricultural students who visit the farm to learn about integrated farming techniques.

Nont Choadamphai

Nont is the master planner of Panyanivej Farm. He trained in architecture from from the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and worked for several years in a community architecture organisation at Asomsilp Institution Institute of the Arts, where he helped local communities to improvetheir homes for elders using the participatory approach. Nont set up the water system and infrastructure at Panyanivej and oversaw the move of two traditional Lao structures (a house and a granary) from Savannakhet to Vientiane. The structures – built using traditional methods that are no longer practised in Laos – were painstakingly rebuilt plank by plank on Panyanivej Farm.

Viluth Sivongsah

Viluth runs the day-to-day operations at Panyanivej Farm. He graduated from the agriculture school from Integrated Vocational School in the southern province of Laos. Viluth brings with him immense knowledge of local agricultural practices having grown up in a farming family that has a coffee plantation, padi fields and vegetable plots. He joined PADETC as an internship staff in 2012 where he tended an organic farm in southern Laos. In 2014, when the project concluded, he joined the team at Panyanivej to promote organic agriculture in Laos.

On Sythongkham

Mr. On responsible for mushroom growing and support Viluth’s work. He graduated from the Vientiane Technical School, On trained in agriculture. Besides being adept at wet rice cultivation, the Xieng Khouangnative also brings with him crop farming and fishing techniques from the north of Laos.

Mine Buasy 

Ms. Mine is responsible for production planning and sale manager. She graduated from the Vientiane Technical School. Mine also has great skill in cooking by using local resources from our farm.